Prayer & Praise -December, 2017

Prayer & Praise -December, 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Merry Christmas! Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. As Christmas songs fill the air, let’s remember the people who do not know the truth about Christmas or are not allow to celebrate Christmas. May your Christmas this year be filled with the joy of spending time with families, old friends and new friends.

  1. Australia/Singapore/Malaysia Trip: we have returned from our trip to Australia to visit believers who came to the Lord in Israel. We are happy to see them doing well and following the Lord.
  2. We encouraged the churches in Australia to organise a JMC. In speaking with three churches, 18 brothers and sisters in one of the churches responded to the call to serving the Lord in full time ministry. Praise the Lord. That would be a mini JMC in itself.
  3. Moving in with Joyce and Andrew: As we grow older, we’ve been thinking of downsizing to a smaller apartment. Our daughter Joyce continues to encourage us and asked us to move in together with her family. Thank the Lord for his provision, we found a place and have moved to Mississauga, in the Greater Toronto Area. Please connect with us if you would like our new address.
  4. Love Beyond the Horizon, Chinese in Israel (爱在天边): We have received a third printing of our book in Chinese. We have received very positive feed back from many brothers and sisters. This book is like the compilation of our prayer letters over the years, but with more in-depth ministries insights. Please pray that this books will inspire and encourage readers to get more involved in local and global missions.
  5. We would like to distribute the book to anyone who would like to have a copy. You can help us in the following ways:
  1. We would love to come to your church to offer our thanks for supporting this oversea ministry. Please email us or call us at (416) 871-1202 to arrange a date and time.
  2. Show a two minute promotional video in Mandarin or Cantonese during the service’s announcements. We are in the process of making an English video; it will be ready by June 2018. Please connect with us and we would be happy to send the Cantonese or Mandarin video.
  3. Set up a book table after showing the video after worship/meeting for distribution of the books and collection of free will offering.
  4. Please note: the book is not for sale. The church treasurer will collect all free will offering, write a cheque and send to C&MA in Canada for “Teo’s work fund” for printing more books next year. God willing more Chinese and English version will be ready for General Assembly 2018.


Jonathan & Ruth