Prayer & Praise -February, 2018

Prayer & Praise -February, 2018

Dear prayer partners,

Happy Chinese New Year. If you are aware of what is happening around us near and far, you will hear a lot of information, sometime is overwhelming. One thing never changed is the second coming of Christ, so let’s keep this in mind at all times, and adjust our mindset and life-style accordingly.

Let’s praise and pray together for the following,

  1. English & Chinese Traditional version of our book: Praise the Lord, the final proof reading of our book (Love Beyond the Horizon: The Chinese in Israel) is in the progress. God willing It will be printed and ship to us in time for the general assembly. Pray that this book will be able to impact more readers and next generation, and will Glorify God’s name.
  2. Health issue; Feb 11, I tripped and fell in my house on a stool. There is a lot of pain. The next morning I went to emergency the doctor said my left 3 ribs and a finger was broken, I will go to see a specialist for my finger, the ribs will take more than a month to heal naturally. Please pray for complete healing.
  3. Life Impact Game: March 16-18, we are planning to attend the Life Impact Game conference at Pennsylvania with 8 other brothers and sisters from the dedicators’ fellowship. Pray that I will be healed on time. Life Impact Game is a conference in a game format which simulating our actual living environment bring us through a “time machine” back to time to reconsider our decision made. It is an very interesting simulation of life we have been through and will be going through. Pray that we can introduce it to Canada to impact the participants of different ages.
  4. Dedicators Fellowship: it is schedule to be held on April 14. Saturday. 2-4 p.m. Alliance center in Toronto, same venue as last two times. There will be sharing from those who attended the Life Impact Game and more.
  5. Tel-Aviv Church 20th Anniversary: Although without a full-time pastor since we left on 2004, On April 28, 2018, The Tel Aviv Faith-Hope-Love Chinese Alliance Church still exist and function by the brothers and sisters who love the Lord and the church. New wave of construction workers are coming from China starting by the end and 2017, and old workers are expected to leave. Please pray for transition of the church and short-term mission team to go to encourage, teach and help. Please contact us if you or your team is consider going.


Jonathan and Ruth