Prayer Update-June 1, 2019

Prayer Update-June 1, 2019

Final Exam

This is the moment our sewing school students have been working towards. After three years of training, they will sit for a three day exam on June 12, 13 and 14 administered by the Ministry that oversees Niger’s vocational training programs.

We have 10 students taking the exam this year and they are excited! Over the last two months they have reviewed their sewing, knitting and embroidery skills and we’ve also spent time going over the health topic they will be tested on (personal hygiene, safe food preparation practices and potable water).

Please pray with us that the girls will be confident and will remember all that they have learned. May our Good Father bless them for their efforts and in His mercy, grant them peace as they endeavor to finish well.

聯合宣教大會JMC 2019 (粵語)

聯合宣教大會 JMC 2019 (國語)

Walkathon Thank You Video (Cantonese)

Walkathon Thank You Video (Mandarin)