Prayer Update-September, 2019

Prayer Update-September, 2019

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS PUBLICLY, on social media or other website, but feel welcome to share this content in church bulletin, on church boards, and with trusted friends interested in praying for the ministry and I.

September is a special month for Mexican people because their ancestors fought against Spain for freedom 209 years ago. They celebrated their Independence Day on September 16. Chinese team are thankful for the coming of the short term mission team of Mississauga Carmel Mandarin Alliance Church and Doulos music group on September 11-17 to celebrate “True Freedom” that ONLY Jesus Christ can offer to the humanity.

Parenting workshop at my place on September 12.

It is wonderful to make ice mooncakes with the ladies on the morning of Mid-autumn Festival (September 13).

Music night at Comunidad Camino a Casa (a local Alliance Church) on the night of September 13.

Mid-autumn Festival Celebration on the evening of September 14.

Evangelistic service at Iglesia Cristiana China de México (a local Chinese church) on the morning of September 15.

I am thankful for the provision of the Lord and your prayer & support. I bought Honda City recently. I am excited to have the car because I can serve more people with it. At the same time, it is a challenge to drive in Mexico City.

I am thankful for taking few days off after busy life. It is pleasant to take a step away from the ministry and enjoy warm weather, delicious food, friends, rest, etc.

Prayer Items:
[1] Mrs X gave birth to a baby girl safely. Praise the Lord. Pray for the couple has wisdom and effective time management to take care of their two younger children and a baby & their eldest daughter in their hometown. Also pray for the recovery of Mrs X.
[2] Mrs W is studying Basic Spanish with me on Wednesday morning. Pray for relationship buildup.
[3] Pray for follow up after the work of the short term mission team of Mississauga Carmel Mandarin Alliance Church & Doulos music group.
[4] Pray for safe driving in Mexico City.

Contact information in Mexico City:

New E-mail:
Skype: anne.louie
Internet phone: 416-642-9555

Your Friend,
Anne Louie

Developing relationships that produce transformational movements expressed through kingdom communities among the most spiritually neglected in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I am serving with Victor & Betty to plant Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church in Santa Fe.
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Funding Needs:

  • Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church (help us to plant Chinese church in Santa Fe)
  • Anne’s Support (it is Global Advance Fund which allows me to serve in Mexico)
  • Anne Louie’s Outfit Fund (basic needs for setting up my home in Mexico City)
  • Anne Louie’s Car Fund (for the ministry and personal use)
  • Anne Louie’s Work fund (pay for ministry expense that is not covered by Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church fund)

Thank you very much for your prayer and support Global Advance Fund!!!