Prayer Update-July, 2019

Prayer Update-July, 2019

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS PUBLICLY, on social media or other website, but feel welcome to share this content in church bulletin, on church boards, and with trusted friends interested in praying for the ministry and I.

I am thankful for Chinese team attended Joint Missions Convention on July 12-14 in Vancouver. The event had over 1,300 people to attend three separate language tracks (Mandarin, Cantonese & English). The theme of the convention is “Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Calling). I am grateful to connect some brothers & sisters for global mission and the ministry of Chinese Professionals Mexico City (Mandarin). Also, I am thankful to worship and speak in Peace Portal Chinese Alliance Church on Sunday morning.

Chinese team had 15 minutes presentation for the ministry in Mandarin panel discussion. After presentation we had Q&A session with these Mandarin Chinese brothers & sisters to answer their questions for the ministry. I am thankful for this meaningful communication.

Chinese team had fellowship with Pastor Leo Gu and his wife Jenny (centre) and brothers & sisters from Mandarin congregation of Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church. Pastor Shao from Fukuoka Alliance Church in Japan was with us (beside Victor).

I had wonderful evening with these brothers & sisters from Bethel Fellowship of North Richmond Alliance Church. I appreciate their faithful prayer and support to me and the ministry.

Cici had gone back to her hometown with her daughter. She sent me this photo and shared what she experienced during over 15 hours journey. The photo is Cici holds three papers with Chinese biblical Scripture. I want to share her story in order to witness the faithfulness of the LORD.
Cici shared her struggle with me and Pat when Pat came to Santa Fe with a short term mission team in June. Cici is EXTREMELY nervous when she is on the plane. She was VERY worried for coming China trip. Pat is a counsellor. She shared how to relieve panic and God can save her from scared situation and give her peace. She gave Cici these papers with Chinese Scripture for her to read while on the plane.
She was very nervous while on the plane. She started to read and mediate the Scripture. It is amazing she began to calm down and had peace during the trip. God is faithful. Cici is not a Christian but our faithful Lord loves people to get close to Him and make them to experience His presence.

Prayer Items:
[1] Toronto Jaffray Chinese Alliance Church will visit us and serve Mandarin Chinese Professional families on August 20-27. Pray for their health and safety for the trip.
[2] Cici is looking for a church at her hometown. Pray for God provides a spiritual family for her. The special experience makes her to get closer to God and she will have personal relationship with God soon.
[3] Praise the Lord! I have lived in Mexico City for a year. I spent a day to reflect what I experienced for this year: God is faithful although I am weak. I will spend time to plan how I serve His people in my second year. Pray for I can hear the voice of God clearly and have wisdom and courage to carry out His plan.
[4] Thank you for the prayer and support for my car fund. God is gracious. He provides sufficient fund for me to purchase a car, so that I DON’T need to raise car fund. Pray for wisdom and patience to buy a suitable car.

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Your Friend,
Anne Louie

Developing relationships that produce transformational movements expressed through kingdom communities among the most spiritually neglected in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I am serving with Victor & Betty to plant Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church in Santa Fe.
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