Prayer Update-November 12, 2019

Prayer Update-November 12, 2019

Almost Like Bert & Ernie

This is Ahmed and Daniel.

Like Bert and Ernie, they are two very different people, yet they are good friends. And the beginnings of their first names are only 4 letters apart. 🙂

They have been the anchors of a Tuareg church in Niamey, the capital of Niger. Ahmed is a gentle-spirited preacher with not only head knowledge but a heart filled with the Word. Daniel is a can-do evangelist gifted in organizational skills. Both continue to be on fire for Jesus Christ despite family persecution and isolation over the years.

We’d like to invite you to pray with us for their continued growth in Christ, their families, and their ministries. And that we would walk with the Spirit as we serve with them.

As we start this week, we are especially grateful for those who fought for the freedom we have to worship and serve our Lord in Niger.
Ace & Cecilia

The Cheungs in Niger:
BP 12257 Niamey, Niger

In Canada: