The Eastern Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada


Looking for a service-oriented relational connector with multicultural fluency to strengthen church health and local missional engagement in the churches and New Ventures of the ECD.


Position Title: Assistant Director of Church Support and New Ventures


Accountable to: District Superintendent


Ministry Purpose: To support the health of ECD churches and strengthen their local missional engagement. As a proactive relational connector, you will:

  • Surface challenges and opportunities in our churches and New Ventures
  • Respond to church needs directly or assist the DS as necessary
  • Support the development of New Ventures
  • Connect leaders and churches to appropriate resources and networking opportunities
  • Cast vision to engage churches in the mission and vision of the Alliance


Time Commitment: 20-40hrs/week

*This could be a part-time or full-time role, as determined in conversation with the successful candidate. Job responsibilities and expectations will be adjusted accordingly.


(See below for additional background information about the vision, values and demographics of our district, as well as desired competencies and application instructions.)


Job Responsibilities:


  1. Provide Church Support


A key component of your role will be to connect regularly with our official workers and the Boards of Elders in our churches. You will be listening for both challenges and opportunities, and offering any support required. Sometimes this may involve helping them to realize the potential of starting a New Venture or other missional initiative; other times it may involve providing personal care or ministry support in the face of difficult situations. At all times you will be looking for ways to serve our people with the goal of supporting church health and strengthening missional engagement. It is important that your focus remain forward-facing (i.e. helping our churches to advance, rather than simply helping them to maintain).


As you do this, think of yourself as a general practitioner, not a specialist. Your role is to provide an initial level of care and guidance for a host of issues such as pastoral transitions, leadership conflict, governance, policy and finance. As challenges or opportunities are identified, you will do your best to respond and meet any immediate needs. In cases where the level of support required is substantial, you may collaborate with the District Superintendent in providing a more fulsome response. At other times you may refer people to another member of our ECD team whose area of specialty aligns more closely with what is required. The key is for you to have a broad general understanding of all the services offered by our team so that if you are not the one best suited to respond, you can direct the person to someone who is.


(You will receive training and support as needed to familiarize yourself with local church and denominational governance, as well as best practices for human resources, building management and good policy. This will assist you in providing quality coaching and support as you respond to situations that arise.)


While not a primary part of your role, you will have some opportunity to support our congregations by preaching in worship services or other gatherings when invited. This will enable you to encourage ongoing and increasing partnership with the Alliance in our churches.


  1. Strengthen New Ventures and Local Missional Engagement


You will join the district (and national) team of New Venture Implementers, collaborating with other local mission catalysts to help new leaders start new churches in new places throughout our district.


As a New Venture Implementer, you will be proactively listening for the new things God is doing in our churches and emerging leaders. You will join the team of New Ventures Implementers in prioritizing four core practices: Cultivating the Environment, Developing Pathways, Coordinating Support and Enabling Engagement.


As you sense God at work in your conversations with workers and churches, you will follow up on any identified next steps towards the potential development of a New Venture, New Venture Apprenticeship or Discerning Community. As these new faith communities unfold, you will walk with them in all aspects of their developmental journey to becoming an established church. This may include:

  • Engaging potential partners to collaborate with this New Venture.
  • Supporting churches and leaders in clarifying all details of a New Venture Agreement.
  • Coaching New Venture leaders and church partners in the ongoing development of the New Venture.
  • Facilitating annual New Venture reviews to determine fruitfulness, viability and needed next steps for the New Venture.
  • Coordinating the ongoing support of these New Ventures in collaboration with other New Venture Implementers in our district.


In addition to your role in helping to catalyze New Ventures, you will also be listening for opportunities to help churches think creatively about new approaches to ministry in an increasingly Post-Christendom world. In other words, not only do we want to start new communities of faith, but also to help our existing churches envision new ways of effectively multiplying disciples in our current cultural context.


  1. Participate on the District Lead Team in overall vision and event planning


Because of your strong relational presence within the district, you will be an invaluable contributor to our District Lead Team. You will have a strong sense of the ‘pulse’ of the district and as such be able to offer strategic recommendations for how our team can best serve our churches in a variety of ways. You will keep us informed of what you are hearing in our churches so that together we can ‘listen to Jesus and discern together creative and holistic solutions to the challenges they face.’ You will also have a voice in the planning of district events or other initiatives, and you will assist us in the development and implementation of these collaborative projects.


Additional Information for Potential Applicants


District Vision and Values


In the Eastern Canadian District, we seek to catalyze leaders and churches to experience the fullness of life in the kingdom of God and to invite neighbours and nations to do the same. Essentially this means that we want to support our workers and churches in experiencing everything that Jesus has made available to us, and in inviting others to share in his kingdom life. As a District team, everything we do is considered through the lens of that pursuit. As such, a personal pursuit of experiencing the fullness of life in God’s kingdom, as well as missional engagement with lost people locally and globally, will be key characteristics of the person joining our team.


There are five values that shape the way we seek to fulfill our district vision. The successful candidate for this position will actively pursue these values in their personal life, and will lead in such a way as to help those they work with to do the same.


First of all, we value becoming joy-filled children and friends of God. We firmly believe that the most important thing about us is not what we do but who we are becoming. It is our desire to live and work out of this deeply rooted identity as those who are loved by God and invited into an intimate relationship with him, and it’s our desire to help every worker in the ECD to do the same.


Second, we value empowering people: believing the best in them and actively seeking to multiply their potential, regardless of where they are at in their journey. We truly believe that the image of God is reflected in each person in the ECD, and that each one is loaded with kingdom potential that we want to help maximize through practical support, encouragement and prayer.


Third, we value listening to Jesus and discerning with others creative and holistic solutions to the challenges we face. We recognize that the challenges facing our churches today are complex, far beyond our human wisdom or understanding. We desperately need the wisdom of Jesus, and so we seek to listen to him in the context of community for the solutions we need.


Fourth, we value longing for God and for the greatest number of people to love Him in the greatest possible way. It is important to us that our ministry always flows from a place of longing, not duty or obligation. We seek to model this for our churches, inviting them to join us in our longing for God and his work in the world.


Finally, we value trusting God with absolute confidence and without fear because we are convinced that our service to the family is not in vain. It is critical that we keep our eyes up on the all-sufficiency of Christ and not down on the magnitude of our challenges. Our confidence in the love of God drives out fear and gives us the courage to persevere in the work that God has given us. We want to model this trust for our workers and help them to do the same.

District Information


The Eastern Canadian District is made up of approximately 75 churches and 15 New Ventures. Geographically, our district stretches from Toronto (east of Mississauga) out to Atlantic Canada (not including Quebec).


One of the great blessings of our district is the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of our workers and churches, with approximately two thirds of our people worshiping regularly in languages other than English. Many of these churches have multiple congregations worshiping in different languages. This presents a unique opportunity for expressing the kingdom of God in all its manifold diversity, giving us a foretaste of the great multitude from every tribe, tongue, people and nation who will one day gather together before God’s throne. It also presents some unique challenges for our district team as we seek to serve churches from different cultural contexts and help them navigate the inevitable tensions that arise in the midst of diversity.


The person joining our team will have strong intercultural competencies and experience working with people from more than one language group. He or she will also demonstrate a love for the diversity of God’s people and a willingness to learn from those of different backgrounds in order to serve them better. Multicultural and linguistic fluency will help to facilitate strong relational engagement with all of our constituency, a key priority for our team.


Desired Competencies

The person joining our team will demonstrate proficiency and a commitment to further develop the following core competencies:

  1. Interpersonal Savvy (ability to connect well with everyone)
  2. Capacity to Build Networks (ability to develop connections with partners, workers and churches)
  3. Church Insight (understanding of various dynamics and cultural influences so that you can offer quality solutions)
  4. Situational Adaptability (ability to adjust to whatever comes your way)
  5. Collaboration (team mentality that seeks to partner with others to develop creative and holistic solutions for churches)
  6. Action-orientation (initiative to get out there and make things happen)
  7. Capacity to Drive Vision and Purpose (ability to paint a compelling picture of our Alliance vision and mission to foster greater engagement)


Our team chemistry is considered equally as important as ministry qualifications. Our team culture is one that is tightly knit and highly collaborative, and we are looking for a partner who is deeply integrated in all we do, one who will join us in mutually supporting and honouring one another.




This will be a part-time or full-time salaried position with benefits. Compensation will be determined based on the experience and qualifications of the successful candidate, and the agreed upon time commitment. All interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to


Thank you so much for considering this opportunity. The posting will be active until a suitable team member is found.



To apply for this job email your details to