STM Location Fukuoka, Japan
Is   this a Creative access country? No
Do   you welcome STM teams from Canadian Churches? Yes
What   types of STM team would you prefer? Seminar, preaching and teaching, Summer camp,
What   is the ideal size of the STM team? Small team between 2 to 3
What   type of languages would be most suitable? Mandarin, Japanese
What   are the preferred months of the year for you to receive STM team? All year round, Christmas,  Chinese New year,  Summer
Approximately,   what is the cost for accommodation and airfare from Canada? Air ticket: about $1200 per person

Accommodation and food around $80 a day

Name,   phone and Email address of key contact person Ken Shao

Any   other information you would like the STM team to be aware? Please contact Ken for more details.