STM Location Montego   Bay, Jamaica
Is   this a Creative access country? No
Do   you welcome STM teams from Canadian Churches? Yes, we   welcome STM to assist ministry
What   types of STM team would you prefer? Visitations,   medical (chiropractor, physio), dental
What   is the ideal size of the STM team? A) short   term- small group total of 6 or less B) mid-term – couples required preaching and caring
What   type of languages would be most suitable? Main   language Cantonese, Mandarin
and is English speaking country
What   are the preferred months of the year for you to receive STM team? Any time   after September
Approximately,   what is the cost for accommodation and airfare from Canada? Airfare   base on previous records; low season without Canadian Civic
holidays may be looking around $800.00 return per person
Accommodation in the range of $50-70 per day per person
Refer to 4B above- church will provide board & lodge
Name,   phone and Email address of key contact person Pastor   Henry Cheung
1-876-971-4363 (TEL)
1-876-409-2575 (CELL)
Any   other information you would like the STM team to be aware? Be   prepared to take heat as Caribbean has sunshine all year round temp range 28   – 32 C
we will provide more details once a team is confirmed