STM Location Kandern,   Germany
Is   this a Creative access country? No
Do   you welcome STM teams from Canadian Churches? Yes


What   types of STM team would you prefer? Work team   and English camp
What   is the ideal size of the STM team? Work team   4 to 10.
What   type of languages would be most suitable? English
What   are the preferred months of the year for you to receive STM team? June,   July, August.
Approximately,   what is the cost for accommodation and airfare from Canada? $1500-2500   per person
Name,   phone and Email address of key contact person Work team: Jess Frank, Email: or
English Camp: Diane Kraines, Email:
Any   other information you would like the STM team to be aware? Work   team: repair, dorm renovation, cleaning and moving (June to July), children’s   program for staff orientation and conference (Aug 14 to 31) English camp, Cooks,   activities leaders… etc. (Mid June to end of July)


Short   term mission’s work participating in English Camps. There are also camps   being held in Moldova, Belarus, Portugal and Switzerland- but those Teams are   mostly filled. There will be further opportunities in 2013 for Teams to do   English Camps in other parts of Germany, Albania, Poland, The Philippines,   and other countries.