STM Location Asian   Spice Region
Is   this a Creative access country? Yes.
Do   you welcome STM teams from Canadian Churches? Yes.
What   types of STM team would you prefer? Leadership   training; Musical/Choir training; Discipleship training;
Marriage seminar; Fellowship Counselor training; Youth Camp; VBS; English Camp; Children Sunday School teachers training; Medical team; Others (Open
to discuss)
What   is the ideal size of the STM team? From 2 to   8 depends on what type of STM.
What   type of languages would be most suitable? Mainly   Cantonese.
What   are the preferred months of the year for you to receive STM team? Jun-July   for camps, the rest can be any time except Dec.
Approximately,   what is the cost for accommodation and airfare from Canada? Accommodation:   2 bed room hotel @C$30-40/night

Airfare: From $1,500-2,000

Name,   phone and Email address of key contact person Edmond   Lau,


Any   other information you would like the STM team to be aware? Please   contact Edmond for details.