Prayer Update-October, 2019

Prayer Update-October, 2019

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Some Mandarin Chinese parents left their hometowns and stay in Mexico City for their children’s families. Many of them speak Mandarin only and it is first time for them to live overseas. All of them do not know Jesus Christ. Some of them like to go to the park with their younger grandchildren on weekday morning. The name of the park is La Mexicana and located at the community. They chat with other grandparents and play with their grandchildren. Sometimes, they will go out together for fun on weekend. I go to the park regularly to meet and chat with them.

Some grandparents with their children or other grandparents like to go to Saturday market for grocery shopping although they do not speak Spanish or speak few Spanish words. I have the opportunity to chat with them in the market and translate for them if needed.

The Huichol (pronunciation: wee-CHOHL) are an indigenous people of Mexico. They are one of least-reached people groups (LRPG). Only 0.4% of the Huichol people are practicing Christianity. They resist outside religion, including Christianity. The international workers, the national church, and the local Huichol church are partnering together to ensure them have access to Jesus Christ through projects such as a feeding program, and discussing opportunities for viable micro-businesses.
The link for Rev. Brem Frentz (Vice President of Venture), Opening Doors to the Huichol in Mexico,
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If you like to receive update news for the Huichol people, contact two international workers:
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Rebecca Ross (

Prayer Items:
[1] It is challenge for Mr H & his wife X to manage 4 children (9 & 3 years old, 18 & 1 months). Although they hire a nanny, it is not easy to handle these lovely kids. Pray for strength & wisdom for the couple. Also, they experience the presence of the Lord daily.
[2] Mrs L had finished the work in Mexico City and returned back to Asia recently. By the grace of the Lord she has the opportunity to know about Jesus Christ. Pray for God open the door for her to know Him deeply and build up personal relationship with Him.
[3] Mrs Y is daughter in-law of Mrs M. She will deliver her first baby on the end of October in Mexico City. Pray for her safe delivery.
[4] Pray for wisdom and opportunity to build up deeper relationship with grandparents.
[5] Pray for the partnership between the international workers, the national church and the local Huichol church to reach out the Huichol people.
[6] I will attend Sun Regional Retreat on Nov 10-15 in Mexico. Pray for physical & spiritual renewal and revival for the international workers of Sun Region.

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Developing relationships that produce transformational movements expressed through kingdom communities among the most spiritually neglected in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I am serving with Victor & Betty to plant Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church in Santa Fe.
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