Prayer Update-March, 2019-2

Prayer Update-March, 2019-2

We went to Desierto de Los Leones National Park with 5 families on March 10th. These ladies are Victor & Betty’s English class students.

We had BBQ. Thank you for the help of Victor & 2 men to prepare food and Victor could connect them.

Beautiful kids.

My friends are kind to celebrate my birthday. Thank you for Betty to prepare delicious banana cake.

I signed the lease for one-bedroom unfurnished apartment yesterday. I am grateful for having my home in Santa Fe, especially I will live in this building whose name is AMSTERDAM on April 1st. Amsterdam is a special city for me because I served there in the past. AMSTERDAM is telling me about how God so love the world no matter where people live in Amsterdam or Mexico City or another places. God will glorify His name in Chinese community in Santa Fe just as He did in Amsterdam and the world. Thank you very much for your prayer and the support of Global Advance Fund for my apartment search.

Amsterdam building is located at the right side. It belongs to a complex whose name is City Santa Fe. The complex has another 2 buildings whose names are Barcelona (black building) & Milán (at the left side). These 3 building are linking together and some Chinese families are living in the complex.

Prayer Items:
[1] The apartment is unfurnished. I need to buy furniture and appliance, etc. Pray for wisdom and patience to handle so many little things.
[2] Pray for the apartment does not only prepare for myself and also prepares for my Chinese friends and their families as their spiritual home.
[3] I go to the park at least once a week to connect young mothers, seniors and their children/grandchildren. Pray for personal relationship buildup and spiritual dialogue.
[4] Every English class is teaching a bible story. Pray for spiritual dialogue for the discussion of these stories.
[5] Sofía was English class student. She moved to Argentina recently because her husband is relocated there. Victor & Betty gave her biblical material. Pray for God use the material to open her heart to know our Lord Jesus Christ deeper. Also, her family is looking for a place to live in Argentina.
[6] Some young children have flu. Their fathers are busy for work. Their mothers are ones who manage housework and take care of them. Pray for the recovery of these sick children and the strength of these young mothers.
[7] I am still waiting for biopsy result. Pray for peace & joy and the result.

Contact information in Mexico City:
Skype: anne.louie
Internet phone: 416-642-9555

Your Friend,
Anne Louie

Developing relationships that produce transformational movements expressed through kingdom communities among the most spiritually neglected in Latin America and the Caribbean.

I am serving with Victor & Betty to plant Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church in Santa Fe.
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Funding Needs:

  • Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church (help us to plant Chinese church in Santa Fe)
  • Anne’s Support (it is Global Advance Fund which allows me to serve in Mexico)
  • Anne Louie’s Outfit Fund (basic needs for setting up my home in Mexico City)
  • Anne Louie’s Car Fund (for the ministry and personal use)
  • Anne Louie’s Work fund (pay for ministry expense that is not covered by Mexico City Chinese Alliance Church fund)

Thank you very much for your prayer and support!!!