Prayer Update-May 5, 2020

Prayer Update-May 5, 2020

Pray for a 40 Day Challenge!

Pray for believers at the Riyad (REE-ad) church as they are encouraged to take a 40 Day Challenge: Listening to the entire New Testament in 40 days. It should take about 30 minutes a day.

Pastor Idani wrote today to encourage the church:
*Dear Saints, see how sweet it is to study the Word of God with our ears, contrary to the evil we hear with our ears. We encourage you to give spiritual nourishment first place. Be richly blessed. Amen.*

May the Lord bless them and equip them through His Word for every good work (2 Tim 3:17) even while church meetings are suspended without resources for online services.

May you also be blessed even in these days of COVID-19.
Ace & Cecilia

Want to take the challenge too? Find the schedule at

Ace & Cecilia Cheung Niger: 011-227-99-58-54-28 Canada: 1-587-921-4228, BP 12257 Niamey Niger USA