Prayer Update-March 16, 2020

Prayer Update-March 16, 2020


Although none of our current NVOC students are believers, they accept prayer freely and we have good discussions when we teach Christian values in our moral classes. 

When we pray with them every week, they often ask us to pray for sick family members, work for their fathers and peace for Niger.  

This week Hassi shared about thankfulness. When we asked the girls what they were thankful for, here’s what some of them said :

  • We have food 
  • We’re alive 
  • There’s peace
  • We love being together
  • No one is sick
  • Today isn’t too hot

It was very humbling to hear how grateful they were given the harsh realities of their day to day lives. 

Please pray that these thankful hearts would continue to soften towards the Truth as He is revealed to them more and more each week through prayer, classes,  and informal discussions and interactions. 

Cecilia and Ace

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