Prayer Update-April 22, 2020

Prayer Update-April 22, 2020

Praying for the Future

This week I have been meeting with NVOC’s teachers to plan for the future. 

NVOC has been closed since March 20 in compliance with measures the Niger government put in place in response to COVID-19. Since Niger’s public health state of emergency has now been extended to July, it was logical for us to close NVOC for the remainder of this school year with hopes to reopen in October.

Please pray with us that NVOC will indeed be able to reopen in October for year 2 of the sewing program and that the students will catch up easily despite having missed a third of year 1. 

Please also pray that Hassi, our 3 sewing teachers and a math teacher would work in unity, teach well and manage NVOC with excellence since we will be on home assignment for a year starting this summer and they will be running the centre on their own. 

May our Lord have mercy and show Himself mighty as we trust Him during these uncertain times. Thank you for your prayers,
Cecilia (& Ace)

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