Prayer & Praise -April, 2018

Prayer & Praise -April, 2018

Dear prayer Partners,

Finally Spring is here after the freezing rain and ice pellet. Thank you so much for praying for us. Here are our updates:

  1. Fractured Ribs and pinky: after eight weeks of limited motion my ribs and finger are fully recovered. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you brothers and sisters who visited us during this time.
  2. Life Impact Game: Praise the Lord for His protection during our (9 of us) trip to Paradise Pennsylvania. It took about 6-7 hours after we cross the US border from Lewiston Bridge. The highlight which we were warned not to disclose we will keep quiet for the sake of future participants. The result after the impact were 5 out of 20 non-believers accepted Christ and 10 out of 75 dedicated themselves to serving the Lord in full time ministry (this is what we want in the Dedicators’ fellowship). This game really impacted all 9 of us. As such on the way back all 9 of us voted unanimously to bring Life Game back to Toronto to bless the people here. The Date is March 15-17, 2019. The game included the following components:
    1. Carefully thought out messages
    2. Participants group discussions
    3. Mime
    4. Skit
    5. Talent show
    6. Game of buy and sell simulating daily life
    7. the participants made own decisions and going through the consequences– self reflections
    8. worship
    9. group games
    10. fellowship

it is all these components which bring out the true self of each individual out during the game. The core of the game is people are so busy caring for themselves, they have no time for God

  1. Stomach Flu and non-stop Hiccups: after we returned to Toronto, I contracted stomach flu, 3 days and 3 nights without food, later it develops into non-stop hiccups. thank the Lord for healing. Now it is totally cleared.
  2. Love Beyond the Horizon: the Chinese in Israel: the English Translation and the Traditional Chinese Font will be coming out in May. We welcome churches to request the books for distribution. We have a promotional video in Cantonese, Mandarin and English which come with it. We plan to ship some of these books to the General Assembly in June.

In Him we Serve,

Jonathan & Ruth