Online Seminar - Apr 20, 2023

Meeting Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm (EST)

Developing Pathways to Jesus for Immigrants in Your Neighbourhood

SEMINAR DESCRIPTION: How can your church develop a smooth pathway to Jesus for immigrants in your neighbourhood?  We will describe a 3-stage plan we’ve developed over 16 years of intercultural ministry that focuses on different kinds of ESL classes and events depending on levels of spiritual interest and curiosity:

Stage 1: ESL, employment classes, field trips, and parties.

Stage 2: A pre-evangelistic ESL class with a gentle introduction to the gospel.

Stage 3: Spiritual conversations in an ESL bible study.

Founders Rick & Patti Love

Rick & Patti have a passion to help new immigrants to Canada learn about the Lord Jesus. Rick (Ph.D.) is the Pastor of Intercultural Ministries at Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary, a ministry Patti (M.A. TESL) had led for 16 years. In 2014 they started “Love New Canadians.” They have worked with 430+ churches and ministries in 16 countries, equipping for ministry with immigrants through seminars, coaching, and curriculum.